About Us

With experience in the automotive industry Tren d.o.o. starts as a Consulting company in 2011 offering the best solutions for starting, developing and improving production for its customers.

The idea for starting the production of Auto Seats in Visoko was born in January 2017.

The first contacts with the automobile manufacturer Groclin SedisTec Germany, Groclin S.A. Poland and Tren d.o.o. achieved in January of the same year when the first group of 8 people from Visoko went to eduaction in Groclin S.A. To Poland.

As a result, in October 2017 started the production of Autoseats in Visoko.

Tren d.o.o. launches production with a total of 21 employees on the leather sewing program for AMG Mercedes.

Production takes place in Donja Vratnica in Visoko, Primus on the surface of approx. 1000 m2.

Our Location

Tren logo

Donja Vratnica bb, 71300 Visoko
Phone: +387 32 942 292
Email: info@tren.ba

Working hours:
Monday – Friday
08:00 – 16:30